I Got Kicked!

Every day, I go down the bottom field to visit my pregnant Icelandic mare ladies.

Firstly, to keep Brá in her routine of being used to having a headcollar put on every day….

(she would like to be feral if she could – I am generously putting this down to her hormones)

… Secondly, to see how the ladies are feeling (and I clean their eyes with cottonwool pads soaked in cold tea as they tend to be gooby as their winter facial fur falls out) ….

… and thirdly, for the daily bewb-check.

The top ones are Brá‘s and seem a bit more advanced than Hetja’s (bottom pic), which is strange as Hetja is due a week earlier than Brá.

The Icelandic girls are nearing their time and now it is becoming a reality.

They are not due quite yet but today, I put my hand on Hetja’s flank and felt a little foal kick!  My first time ever.

My heart melted.  It was a magical moment and one I have never experienced.

Obviously, the midwives are on hand, ready and waiting.

And, obviously, as the time gets nearer, Daisy and I will be on hand too.  We are just not quite at that point yet and no one needs us.

Ooooh, exciting times ahead.

6 thoughts on “I Got Kicked!

  1. Nancy

    At first when I saw the title, I said, Oh no!!
    Then I read your post and said, Oh wow!!
    What a lovely thing to feel!! I can’t wait to see how things progress!!

  2. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Yes, exciting times ahead for sure! Can’t wait to follow all the new baby action, Frances. Praying that all goes well!!!

  3. Linda

    Oh, I thought one of the (hormonal) mothers-to-be had kicked you! Turned out be MUCH more joyful – congratulations on your first foal kick!


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