I Caved

Yesterday I found that we had a herd of chippy-chipmunks busily eating the fences.  I hate that but the Shetland ponies are bored and not feeling full because they have to dig for grass through the snow.  It is not difficult and it is what they were born to do but loafing around with Lilja and eat the fences is more fun.  So, today ,Floss and I lugged 3 haynets over to Leradale as well as a lick bucket.

We plonked the hay in the middle of their field so they would have to leave the fence posts alone and maybe even forget about them (I type this hopefully).

Of course they all followed the food except for Newt …..

…. and Vitamin who said they couldn’t and didn’t know how.

So Floss and I went back and chivvied them over to join the others.

I know the ponies struggle in the ice but I can’t do everything for them.

The hay was popular.

They stuffed their faces.

The lick bucket was a success too and they all shared without argument and flying bottoms.

And then, of course, Storm had to roll in his food.  Because he could.

They will now get hay while we have snow and then hopefully they will leave my fences alone.  I will put up an electric fence if I have to.

I mean it! These are my cross clouds!



4 thoughts on “I Caved

  1. Sam

    Bored children are naughty children. As for Storm’s rolling on the hay, it either felt good on his back or more to the point, if it smells like him others will leave the pile alone so he can have a midnight snack.
    Poor Pouty Newt! Being made to cross ice – another tick in the Book of Revenge.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I’ve had to give mine hay, too. Unfortunately we have sheep in the field and, oddly, the ponies will share with the sheep but not with the other ponies!


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