Everyone In

I think this will be the last of the sun we see for the foreseeable future.


The 24 hours are about to be horrendous.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 16.23.53

I am not looking forward to the storm but I spent today going to the feed merchants, stocking up and preparing for the onslaught.

I called the girl/gelding herd up from their field and let them eat the tail-end of the bail.


While they were doing this, I was getting the stable and the big indoor school ready for its’ residents.  Of course, there were endless offers of help and then much fending off of the helpers.


And then I found Lambie and howled with laughter! (I think he is looking very sheepish!)


He was happily wearing the saddle rack and was trying to wander about in his new fashion outfit.  Sadly, the front legs kept catching on things.

Lambie, of course, was completely unperturbed.  Is this a form of cross-dressing or should we just call him Lady BaBa!?


Once the girl/gelding herd were safely in their stable, I went over the hill to bring Kappi and Taktur home.

When I reached their gate, I realised I hadn’t brought a headcollar with me, so I opened the gate and hoped for the best.  They wandered out (I was a tad nervous now).


But they didn’t need telling twice and made a beeline for home. (Phew).


Even waiting patiently by the gate, while I walked back home at a slightly slower speed.


They are very good boys and I know I am stupid to trust a stallion but really it would only be Kappi that buggered off into the hill, never Taktur.


Wish us luck (I am dreading this).




10 thoughts on “Everyone In

  1. Linda

    Yes, the best of luck to you (all). Looks like you’ve done everything you can to make sure everyone is fed, warm and safe. Hang on!

  2. Sam

    Good luck with the storm. We got 10″ of snow over the weekend in Connecticut. Love Lambie’s accessory but not yet Lady BaBa style. He would need more angles for that. Your “helpers” on the small size merely want to make sure nothing got forgotten before all hunker down during the storm. And your boys know where to go without buggering off right now.

  3. Miss Funky

    Hahahaha, I had a really good chuckle at Lambie!! What a character! Looking at that VERY moody sky all i can say is HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS and WRAP YOUR FETLOCKS ROUND SOME FENCE POSTS! Stay safe, and warm x

  4. Carol

    I hope you are getting through it. The news sounds scary — 105 mph wind in Lerwick! Perhaps Lambie felt he needed the extra weight of the saddle rack to help keep himself tied to the ground. I’m glad everyone has an indoor space!


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