Hugging Minions

Kappi and Efstur have gone. They loaded, unloaded fine and set off happily to their new destination. It is a fine calm night for sailing and they will be met the other end and taken to Daisy’s livery yard.  I must admit Floss and I are really going to miss them but it was good to see the boys excited about their new adventure and lives together with Daisy.

Meanwhile, we were feeling a little bleak.

So Floss and I visited the Minions, sat down and were very soon hugged.

We felt a whole lot happier.

There is possibly nothing better.

A kiss given.

And a kiss returned!

Hugging Minions is good for the soul.

I think they like it too.


3 thoughts on “Hugging Minions

  1. Sam

    Hard when family moves out – human or otherwise. But you seemed to have found great medicine with the Minions. Good luck to Daisy and chaps.

  2. Cathy

    How nice for the boys to be going together on their journey, they are going to have an exciting new life with Daisy. Good luck to the boys, and to Daisy.


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