Practising Loading

Efstur and Kappi are leaving us tomorrow to join Daisy in Scotland.  We will miss them and spent the afternoon packing their red spotted hankies.

A little nervous about Efstur’s loading (he hasn’t been anywhere for ages), Floss and I brought him and Kappi in to practice.

A bucket of food in the corner and Floss asked Efstur to walk in.  He was a tentative but inquisitive rather than scared.

Slight encouragement was needed half way.

And in Efstur went.  What a hero.

Kappi of course marched in.

Buckets were eaten and out the boys came.  I hope tomorrow is as simple.

These two went back out into their field and I thought I would do a little something with Dreki.  As the horsevan was still open, I brought him into the school and asked him to load.  Now Dreki hasn’t loaded for a few years (the last time was when he was weaned) so I didn’t know how he would react.

He was nervous and a bit apprehensive.  I had a box of barley rings ready. He loves them.

I let him think about things and suss out what was wanted.

We mananged hoof by hoof but then he just said “nope” and we both stood there.

Dreki was staring at me all the time so we had a little chat about stuff and then, good as gold, he walked in.

Big reward – free access to the barley rings!

Dreki stood there munching and thinking and then I led him out…..

…. letting Dreki investigate on the way out as well.

More reward and I think loading regularly will go onto Dreki’s to-do list.

So a big change tomorrow for everyone.  Exciting for Daisy, though.





4 thoughts on “Practising Loading

  1. Sam

    I do hope the boys headed south is because Daisy will be riding them. Very brave of Drekki to try loading up. I will miss Kappie and Estur!

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, she has moved south now to work on her PhD. She needs her horses. Taktur will stay to keep Dreki company.

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    A grand adventure for the boys. !! Daisy is a force of Nature!!
    Actually BOTH of your girls are special, a credit to their mum 😉

  3. Judith Garbutt

    I’m sure the boys will love being with Daisy. I know you’ll miss them but you have so many to care for and plenty to keep you busy!


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