Huge Relief

It was on February 26th of this year that we called the vet out for the first time to look at Haakon who was slowly declining and showing signs that something was very wrong.  As you may know, I was hugely worried.


Anywho, last night Haakon said he didn’t want to go to bed in his stable and broke with routine to go out in the field with the rest of the horses.  He has spent the last couple of months either standing/lying in his stable on very deep bedding or outside where he could see his friends but was not actually be with them in the field.  We wanted him kept as peaceful as possible and out of the deep winter mud that is everywhere.

Last night, Haakon wanted to be with his herd.

And they were pleased to have him back.

Haakon was his usual anti-social self.

But I don’t care, Haakon had asked to go out for the first time and he finally wanted to get back to normal.

You have no idea what a huge weight fell off my shoulders.  Suddenly I can breathe again.

I have been so worried and scared about the whole ordeal.  I am not good when a beloved animal is ill.  Not good at all.

We are still taking things slowly.  This morning, Haakon came out of the field so he could graze without standing in the now quickly drying mud.  He has gone back out again tonight and, although tired, seems much happier.

Little steps – that’s Haakon’s annoyed stop-hassling me face!


9 thoughts on “Huge Relief

  1. Sam

    Such a huge sigh of relief that this Handsome Man is on the Recovery Road. The depth of our love for our animals is measured by the depths of dispair when they are not well.

    1. kate Woolley

      Dear Frances,
      Thank God. I have been with you all the way. I feel so relieved. It’s like having my dear Glaesir back again. I loved him so much, he was 26 years old when he died and I miss him so much. Hope one day to make the long journey up to Shetland to meet your wonderful family.

  2. Cathy

    He looks so much better, and sooooo much happier ( Apart from his “stop hassling me “face.)

    All his admirers on here will be almost as relieved as you to see him enjoying life again.

  3. Margaret M. Robinson

    Good job doctor and nursing team! This is always what you want to see – a horse returning to his herd (if only for short time-events).

  4. Linda Loba

    This is so wonderful to see! And yes, that weight is heavy when our animals are suffering and we’ve done all we can, and just have to wait…

    I’m thrilled to see this, Frances. 🙂

  5. Louise Stopford

    So glad Haakon is doing well and long may it continue. He must feel so much better in himself to want to join the herd and yes, what a tremendous relief it must be for you as well. I am no good at all when my animals are ill. Even the thought of taking them to the vets puts my blood pressure up. Nice to hear some good news.


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