Feets Today

Despite the “creepy neighbour” looking in all the time, our farrier, Bjørn, rode over to trim the young lads’ hooves this afternoon.

First up was Efstur as he was the most urgent.  We don’t do much with him but he stood like a good boy, picking each hoof as required one at a time and let Bjørn easily do his job.

He didn’t mind BeAnne (why should he?) and took an interest at what was happening.

Typical Efstur.  Always curious.

Hjalti was next in line and, while waiting, spent his time gazing at Bjørn’s beautiful Icelandic mare.  Again, Hjalti was a good boy about his feet.  As he is ridden fairly regularly now, he also gets his feet picked up in preparation of being shod in the not too distant future.

And last up was little Dreki Dragon who is growing, really growing outwards and upwards into a solid chap.

Dreki was not as helpful as his half-brothers, probably because we should do this feet-lifting thing more with him but once Daisy told him everything was fine and yes, she was his best friend forever, then he just got on with it.

It was not a fight, no raised voices, Dreki was unsure of what was going on.  We really must practice more now the mud is drying up.  It’s on my to-do list.  I just told him Lilja, his sister, would have behaved better.  That did the trick, he buckled down and behaved!  Sibling rivalry – works every time!

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