Huge Change

Remember this photo? – I took it on January 30th 2020.  It is from the first day I met (and fed) Edna and Madge.

I found it when I was sorting through all my photos while deciding what to keep and not keep.

I had forgotten how awful they looked, particularly Madge.

She was so young.  In fact, now I think, she must have been much younger than we all thought.

These photos were taken a month on from when they first arrived. Still that bleak look in her eyes.

And this is Madge today.  Eighteen months on.  What a massive difference.

As you can see, she is quite the heft!

And she has a thick deep fleece.  It is massive and must weigh a lot.

I took these photos today because hopefully everyone will be sheared shortly and I wanted a record of how they are.

Even Edna, who is old and losing her teeth, looks very good.

She is a nice weight now and has filled out properly. It has taken until this Spring to really get the weight on.

Her fleece, for an old lady, is also very good.

The sheep are desperate to be sheared.  The sooner the better, I say, except for Maggie who will be done later in case Harry doesn’t recognise her!

(Lambie was busy ignoring me – hence no photo).


8 thoughts on “Huge Change

    1. Frances Post author

      She absolutely does. And the same determined attitude (nothing better than a good BD movie imho)

  1. Sam

    Another testament to your love, courage and determination to right the wrongs these Sheep and Minions had suffered. Well done! How nice it is to see fat, happy sheep (even if Lambie is sulking). What will you do with the fleeces?

  2. diane in northern wis

    you did such a wonderful thing taking in those two sheep. Can’t wait to see them after shearing.
    Broke my wrist so i’m one-finger typing. 🙁


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