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The other day, I gave Vitamin a prod and could feel ribs.  Not good.  So I asked Daisy to have a look, as I value her opinion too.  She agreed that Vitamin was looking a bit thin and could do with a daily feed.  She devised a feeding plan and also mentioned that Delia was being fed daily when she was the same age.

Vitamin did not need asking twice!

She spied the bucket and cantered up leaving everyone else way behind.

In the field is a little passage-way fenced off (probably created for catching sheep in by the previous owner) so it is an ideal area to let Vitamin eat in peace.

Fivla was insensed.

I have never seen her so outraged. She could not believe this.

The others were fairly laid back about this obvious favouritism.

A nose-kissey was sufficient, and of course a carrot!

But poor Fivla.  She could not get her head around this blatant unfair preferential treatment.

Vitamin ignored her.

I did talk to Fivla, and even tried to feel for a rib (she is two years younger than Vitamin) but she is keeping her weight on and tends to balloon in Summer anyway.  Sorry Fivla.

Vitamin is 27 years old, and if she needs feeding, then she will get food.  End of.

From now on, I think Vitamin will be waiting in her little area every morning for us.  She will get into her feeding routine very quickly.

Fivla will just have to remain enraged.  I might find an extra carrot for her, though.  It won’t make amends but it might shut her up.

2 thoughts on “Not Popular

  1. Sam

    Oh the anger that the elder needs and gets special treatment! Hard to tell Fivla she is not needing (thank goodness) of the “special treatment”. Especially since these two ladies have done lots as a pair, equally.
    Time to stock up on carrots!!

  2. Sherry Walter

    Hahaha, if you think her outrage is bad, I have a pet Kune Kune pig and if he feels he’s being slighted his shrieks could make your ears bleed.


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