Harry is Huge

Harry and his Mum, Maggie, spend most of their time by the fence looking into the hill.  I don’t think they actually want to live there but that’s their spot during the daytime. At night, Harry takes himself firmly off to bed, despite his mother’s protestations.  He loves his bedroom.  The other night, Maggie had lost him and I found him fast asleep in bed. She hadn’t thought to look there!

Both are very good about coming when they are called.

Maggie is still nursing Harry although he eats everything else in sight.  He has a voracious appetite and is, well, rotund.

I am always followed.

…. with or without Maggie. She has to run to keep up with her little lad.

Harry is growing fast now.  He has reached the no-longer-a-cute-little-lamb or thuglet stage.

You only have to look into his eyes to see The Determination.

Nothing gets in the way of Harry.

It wouldn’t dare!

No, is not a word he likes very much.


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