How Is Haakon?

So, how is Haakon, I hear you ask?

Well, he is having probably what will amount to a year off and then we will see.  I want the abscesses in his front hooves to grow out completely.  There is the worry that he might lose the hoof capsule and then it will be curtains.  So, I don’t ride him and he is travelling down the long road to recovery.  I think it will take a long time.

In my head, I have accepted that I might never ride Haakon again (he is 25 years old as well, which does not help) but as long as my old friend is happy and pain free then that is just as good.  I tell myself this a lot.  I don’t want to stop riding so now I ride Klængur regularly and we have negotiated terms about behaviour, spooking and generally not buggering off out of control because we have turned for home.  Obviously this remains work-in-progress and we are all working on our speshul skills!  Klængur is a super chap but when his brain gets in the way and he starts thinking (read imagining) then all bets are off.

But I am still enjoying my riding.  Daisy and I go out fairly regularly, weather permitting.

I also ride Iacs to babysit and accompany Hjalti.  Again, we have an understanding and it seems to work.

So my time is spent developing good working relationships with horses that are replacing Haakon for the time being and to be honest, I am enjoying it.




2 thoughts on “How Is Haakon?

  1. Sam

    Glad to get an Haakon update. Sorry your riding with him is off limits right now. Hard to adjust to the aging of our 4 footed family members.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    As long as he’s content and happy that is the best you can hope for as 25 is not considered THAT old. Good luck and happy riding with the others.


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