A Record

I am using today’s blog as a record of this afternoon’s hard work.

I brushed manes and tails as well as rasping the hooves of four of the Shetland ponies.

First up was Vitamin.  She is 25 years old now and going along fairly well.  She does enjoy being groomed and was very enthusiastic about the horse cookie treat that she got for being a good girl about her feet too.

Next up was Tiddles who was standing close by – I think he regretted his choices today but with the help of mane/tail conditioner, I soon had him looking floofy.

Fivla next.  She is easy and always helpful.  If all ponies could be like Fivla, life would be so much easier.  Fivla could live in my house.  I doubt even my OH would notice.  She is never any trouble.

Fivla actually is the perfect fairy tale pony.

And lastly Waffle who put the headcollar on by himself. I am sorry he has his eyes shut when I took his après-photo.  Waffle loves being brushed but was a bit unhelpful about the hoof rasping. We had words.  I told him he could not be a circus pony if he could not even do the simple task of holding his hoof on an axle stand. After all, it is not rocket science.  He agreed and decided  to behave.

So that now leaves Albie, Newt, Silver and Storm to do next.

Why, oh why did I leave the unhelpful ones last?

What was I thinking?

Oh well, I will try and get them done this week and then cross them off my list for a little while.  Hooves are like the Forth Bridge – they always need attention.


2 thoughts on “A Record

  1. Sam

    I don’t think I have ever seen Tiddles in such fine Mane Form. And Your girls are lovely. Best have the G&T in the car when you tackle Newt and the Gang. But the ones who had a Salon Day look lovely.


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