“I can’t stay mad at you!”

Me:  Monster, your Daddy’s home!
Monster: Daddy, what Daddy. I have no Daddy. He left me!  He didn’t even say good-bye!

It’s true. OH snuck out after breakfast earlier this week to work off-island hoping the cat would not notice but he did.

(By now Monster is yowling refusing to even glance at his purple-socked absentee parent)

Daisy (now watching slightly amazed at Monster’s behaviour): Go on, he’s over there.
Monster (to himself): I must appear aloof and not even interested.  Oh, ok, I need to investigate this.

OH:  Hello, Monster.
Monster:  Hmmm, who are you?  Do I know you? I probably don’t.

Not even three seconds later……

The biggest and loudest purrs ever.

Monster: Dammit, I can’t be cross with you for long!

The rest of us are now “chopped liver”.  We were there when Monster had no one and now…… nothing.

Anywho, it is nice to have OH home, if only for a few days.  The weather is deteriorating but once it settles down again, he will be off.  No one tell the cat.

4 thoughts on ““I can’t stay mad at you!”

  1. Sam

    We had a cat who adored my step-dad. So much so that when step-dad had surgery, cat stopped eating. When daddy came home, cat was drooling with love and quivering to sit on dad’s lap. Please note the cat had been bottle fed by the other humans who were nothing more than dog poo.
    So – the joy on Monster’s face as he sits and purrs with delight is a wonderful sight. Next time, do expect “presents” in one’s shoe, OH, just saying….

  2. Celeste

    I had a cat like that once. For the first 10 minutes after my return she ignored me, then she clung to me with both paws around my neck. They just have to tell you how they feel.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh what great pictures and commentary today. It’s true love, that’s for sure. Better tell OH that he can’t ever leave again! Maybe Monster had better pick a second favorite, just to be safe. 🙂


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