Horses, Raptors and Minions

Horses, Raptors and Minions – what more could you want?

Daisy and I started our day by riding Kappi and Haakon.  The aim was to keep Kappi calm so we went for a lovely plod outside.


Mission accomplished –  it was a lovely ride.   All very relaxed and happy.


Next it was Iacs and Klængur’s turn.  My mission was to keep Klængur calm and to repeat his ride of Friday (the one where we turned 180 degrees in one leap) without the spook.


All was going well until we reached the place where Klængur had his previous meltdown and he had it again, just less dramatic.  He planted and huffed but we still are none the wiser and have no idea what boggart lies beneath.


But we got home safely, in one piece and with relative serenity afterwards.


And so, as the weather was good, we went over to Sandness.  Daisy wanted to meet Jo and Robert’s Harris Hawks.  They were practising with the lure and also hopping from fence post to fence post (Harris Hawks, not Jo and Robert and I am sure there is an official word for this which I don’t know).  Anyway, as usual, my breath was blown away at their incredible beauty and power.  I took many photos of the sky but also managed to capture a few of the tweet-tweets!

BN2A1736 BN2A1689 BN2A2212 BN2A2101

And then we came home to be hugged.

BN2A2373 BN2A2386

Life is good. Another perfect day.

4 thoughts on “Horses, Raptors and Minions

  1. Linda K

    Love the photos of The Minions. They’re obviously glad to see Daisy and vying for her attention. Silver is definitely smiling in the last one.


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