Hoofboots! The Way Forward

Haakon (and Iacs) would like to go out but it has become increasingly obvious that the hard roads and tracks are not helping their feet.  Both boys are unshod and suffering.  Haakon’s hooves, post abscesses, are not brilliant so I invested in four Cavallo hoofboots (and some Formula4feet, which is very good for strengthening hooves that have had an ill time).

We borrowed a friend’s pair of Cavallo hoofboots to try previously on Iacs and I could immediately see that this might be a solution rather than shoeing.  I then bought one off Fleabay (they are like hen’s teeth) and another new to make up a pair.  Haakon went beautifully with them on his fronts. We flew along but when we got home, I could immediately see he had taken the toes off his hinds in just one ride so promptly bought another pair from The Hoof Boutique (somewhere in Englandshire). A great shop and I now have four hoofboots (plus the pair we borrowed – Iacs wore them today).

We told the old men that this was just a short ride that would be taken quietly and sensibly.  I was also nervous about how Haakon would react to wearing four hoofboots.  He has never done this before.  I don’t know why I bothered.  He happily bogged off!

Reins are for wimps!

The old men sniggered and raced along sounding like they were the Wellie Boot Brigade!  Fan-bloody-tastic.  Happy hooves, happy horses and happy hoomans (if slightly shocked at the speed these two old men can go considering they were in retirement).

It was lovely seeing the horses so happy. They felt young again in their hoofboots.  I’ve got my horse back.   You have no idea how wonderful this is.

Oh yes, some cottongrass in the wind – turn the sound up for the birds.

And not-so-little Missy talking to Floss – no sound as we sound awful when we talk!

Sorry for the ramble.

4 thoughts on “Hoofboots! The Way Forward

  1. Gail Lawson

    Hoof boots are great inventions! I used them for a number of years on my Arab mare. We did lots of miles together with them! So glad you are riding again.

  2. Sherry Walter

    I used the Cavallo boots on my mountain mare after her bout of laminitis (after all the nasty abscesses blew out too). They worked wonderfully, I did have to take them to the shoemaker to replace some velcro – he did look a little bemused when I told him it was a boot for a horse, not a hooman. I also got some of the gel sole inserts, they worked a treat.


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