Here, There and Everywhere

Yesterday, while we were measuring out our wormer and feed, we were offered advice and help from our in-house experts – the bebbies.


So, to divert their attention, we gave them their breakfast and locked them away in a stable while we came and went with various buckets of food/wormer for the others.


It seemed like a good idea to keep the bebbies from temptation as they are inclined to wander everywhere investigating.


When I was searching for the wormer at home, I found a tube of ProPaste so we stuck that in their feed as well.  It is a prebiotic which will help their guts and it will “enhance the growth of beneficial microorganisms.”  The bebbies said it had a funny taste.


Upon our return from the worming adventure, we let the bebbies out for a wander and graze.


They didn’t do much wandering, just hung around hoping for nice things or nice people to talk to.


Fiona had brought some carrots and threw them on the ground as they refused to eat from her outstretched flat hand.  They were very dubious about the carrots.

L1070008 L1070009

Torbjørn followed Jo into the shed.  Beeble stayed well out of the way and poked his head out from behind the rubble!


We have had the bebbies with us for over two weeks now and I still suck in my breath when I see them or feel their bones that stick up under all that fur.


Ho hum, onwards and upwards, or should that be outwards.  It will be a very slow process and one that we have to approach with care and a great deal of attention.  It is not just about throwing food at them and standing back but more like going day by day monitoring and assessing their every requirement to bring them back to some degree of health and normality.


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  1. Beth Heath

    My daughter-in-law suggested I take a look at your blog. She’s a wonderful daughter-in-law. I am enjoying this very much. Thank you.


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