We have been attempting to worm everyone when there was a weather window and when Fiona, Jo and I were all free.  Not as simple as it sounds but today we struck!

Previously, I had bought a bag of mix specifically for this task and Jo had put on some sugar beet to soak overnight to make our mixture more palatable.  Twelve buckets were put out plus one extra, in case, and we measured out a scoop of mixed feed in each and tied on a piece of string to the handle.


As it was a windy day, we intended to tie each bucket a good distance away from the next down the fence.


The mares and fillies were called and came running.


They sorted themselves out and each one happily ate their food, having no idea we had put wormer in it.


Next, as the bad weather is apparently coming back, we put out a bale for them and left them all enthusiastically munching.


Next, it was the boys’ turn.  We called, they came galloping.  Their field is nearly empty now and they have done a good job of it too.


Their buckets were tied to the fence and while they ate, we went back for the trailer.  Having seen there was no more grass in this field, we decided to move them to a better field.


Before me moved them over, we put another bale in their new field as there was not much grass in this field (or actually three fields – it almost goes down to the sea) either.


Charlie and Indy decided to try their luck with the contents of Fiona’s pockets rather than devour the bale.


Charm is Charlie’s middle name.L1060994

Actually, scrub that, I think Optimism or Hope could be his middle name.


Definitely Optimism.  He got a kiss out of me and that was all!


And then the trailer ramp sheered out of its hinge so that was the end of our day.  We limped home held together with rope and ratchet straps.  Bugger.



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