Here and There

Daisy and I walked over the hill to my other croft, Clothie, which I can see from the house – where the old men and Klængur (I refuse to call him old because he isn’t. He is only 17) live.  Iacs is 25.

and Haakon is 26.  Iacs and Haakon are cousins.  You can sort of tell.

Her Maj came too.  There was enthusiasm and delightful running with a hint of bounce over the tussocks.

Daisy brought carrots and some cauliflower stalks (Haakon and Iacs’ favourite) – and there was more enthusiasm for them too.

BeAnne asked if could continue our walk and, as we are close to lambing time now (I won’t take her on the hill or the road) we went through the garden and down to another field.

There’s a bit of colour just starting in the garden and OH did his first grass mow of the year.  He needs to let me put the ponies in. That would save him the effort. Sadly, he does not see it like this.

And down to the stream to check on the wild primroses which are in full bloom now.

So that was us.  Tomorrow is rain but I tell myself it will make the grass grow.  We haven’t had proper rain for a while.  I almost miss it!


6 thoughts on “Here and There

  1. Kerry

    I adore those blushing pink tulips – almost understand OH’s reluctance re pony lawn mowers. And those wild primroses look heavenly
    Glad to see Madam La Bounce aka Her Maj looking spirited as she leaps along.
    All the best to you and yours

  2. Colleen McNamara

    what a great picture of her Maj. I would print and frame it. Such joy on her face.
    Best wishes,

  3. Linda

    The photos of the horses and the croft truly look like something from a fairy tale, with the Spring flowers everywhere.

    As I said before, it’s always wonderful to see BeAnn, and hearing how much she was having – compared to yesterday – it’s just ups and downs, isn’t it? Just like us, really…


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