In the Field today

I took my big camera into the Minion field today.

First up was Waffle who was doing his leg-in-each-corner impression.  Well, at least he wasn’t swimming around the water buckets.  It makes a nice change.

I asked him if he was a Reformed Character.  He remained mysteriously silent.

And then it was Newt’s turn.  He was nearby.

And it was most odd, but I found next to him a tiny strip of paper.  So I picked it up and read it.

Is this Newt’s fortune cookie, or a motivational message he keeps with him for times of uncertainty (possibly due to his lack of height or his rescue history)?  Who knows and who gave it to him?

Sóley was in the distance.  She suits the landscape.

Next up, Silver.  Always beautiful.  It’s the eyes and his expression.

Albie – maybe Newt was looking after his “motivational message”?  It could easily be his.  He has low self-esteem issues at times, when things change. He hates change.

Tiddles – looking particularly grubby – it is raining on and off.

Storm was pulling a face – of course, he was!

Lilja gave me her full-on stare of seriousness.

Another one far away – Fivla.  She had just had her TurmerAid so she didn’t need to talk.

And lastly Vitamin who, although is looking greyer, she is one of those old ladies who is 100% on the ball, going to have the last biscuit and would elbow you out of the queue for the bus!

And so we left them to it still wondering who owns the piece of paper. Most odd.


2 thoughts on “In the Field today

  1. Kerry

    Waffle has the look of Steinbeck, and maybe he created the enigmatic words for Newt as a way of cheering on the small guys in this big world of ours.

    Although Lilja has a touch of Emily Bronte going on in that expression….nope, my money is on Waffle. He’s being creative rather than destructive today. Look forward to see what he comes up with tomorrow

    Brilliant photos which are very cheering ona grey day.


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