Her Very Own Black Stallion

I think I have done too much recently and I have been struck down with a life-threatening lurgy (ok, a cold, but still I feel grotty).

Today, I am giving my horses and ponies a day-off from me.  They deserve it.  Haakon has worked very hard recently.

But Daisy rode Taktur as per Bjørn’s instructions and training.

So proud ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ sniff ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.  Daisy rides beautifully and it is lovely to watch them work together.  Taktur is Daisy’s much wanted black stallion that she has dreamt of since she first read “The Black Stallion” books. (IndyPingPong, bless him, didn’t seem to fit that role).

BN2A9259 BN2A9404  BN2A9483 BN2A9553 BN2A9637 BN2A9656 BN2A9658  BN2A9686 BN2A9723 BN2A9725 BN2A9743 BN2A9747

She did very well.  I just sat in the middle with the dogs and took a few photos for her to look at afterwards.



Sorry this is short but I am feeling all bunged up and sorry for myself.  It is difficult juggling pain-killers with cold remedies and I can’t decide which is a more deserving cause.

If I cough, my back hurts.  If I sniff, my head hurts.  If I blow my nose, everything hurts.

Off to bed with my 24/7 nursing staff, I think.


4 thoughts on “Her Very Own Black Stallion

  1. Celeste

    Awww, hope you feel lots better soon! Tell that nurse of yours to make it all go away.

    Taktur is SO beautiful and Daisy rides him SO well. Love the pictures!

  2. robin

    How beautiful and handsome they both are! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…dreamy!

    Yes, Nurse BeAnne will look after you!

  3. Silke

    I find it really interesting how both Icelandic and Paso have their heads up and forward in a tölt (corto/largo).
    Same stance, similar gait. (well, same 4-beat)
    I really must get on an Icelandic some time. 🙂
    Great pictures!


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