Sunday afternoon ride

This was our last ride in Sandness for a while.

At home, Fakur was missing his friends, Haakon and Iacs.  We had left them in Sandness last night.


Fiona joined us too and was riding her mare, Hreyfing so this time there were four of us going out on our ride.


Iacs was his usual enthusiastic self.


And so was Haakon.  You can tell these two are related.  They have the same “look”.


It was a lovely Sunday afternoon ride.


To the beach first.  The sand was still deep so no galloping.


On our travels, we met some boys who knew the names of some of the horses and wanted to know the others.  The horses are always very happy to meet folk and Hreyfing and Hetja went into motherly mode not daring to move (while Haakon took the opportunity to sniff Hetja’s bottom).


Iacs used the stop time to stuff his face.


While Hetja and Hreyfing went on, Daisy and I had a good race up a nice straight track.  I managed to get ahead on Haakon who then executed the dastardly move of leaping into the centre and blocking Iacs’ challenge for first place.  That’s my boy!


Home again, home again with sweaty but happy horses.


The girls went back to their field.


Haakon and Iacs ate Jo’s garden.


And then I took them home to Thordale.


Fakur was very pleased to see his friends again.  Taktur sniffed girl-scent on Haakon and this resulted in a difference of opinion.  Luckily Haakon is the boss of Taktur so any amorous advances were quickly snipped in the bud.



A great weekend.  Lots of riding and I am exhausted now.

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