Frances’ Flea Circus

It was pouring with rain today (good for the grass but bad for The Minions).  They are still not  built for rain yet and I found them in their shed looking bored.  I don’t think they have the ability yet to stay as warm as other Shetland ponies of similar age and they always use their shed when it rains.  I will muck it out tomorrow.  Typical lazy boys – they like peeing in it.


So with the use of a bucket of rattly food, I asked them to follow me into the indoor school where I could work with them.


Firstly, I wanted to get them running about, i.e. active and warm.  Daisy called them “Frances’ Flea Circus”.

BN2A9826 BN2A9839

They loved it and happily cantered about the school trying to play and eat each other.


They stopped only to play with a cone.  The best toy.


And then off they went again.

BN2A9888 BN2A9890 BN2A9895

I wanted my “Fleas” to use up their surplus energy as well.


Then I put a headcollar on each one and did a little work like picking up feet and leading.  There was no point brushing as everyone was revolting and matted.


I also spent time with each of them alone.  My dear little “Fleas”.  I am extremely fond of them and they have taken up a new part of my heart.  I never thought little Shetland ponies were for me but getting to know and gain the trust of these three has shown me their huge characters and generosity.

BN2A9916 BN2A9944 BN2A9962

Of course Her Maj, aka BeAnne, looked on to check I was doing my work correctly. The Minions are getting better about not chasing her, which is encouraging.  Day by day!


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