Her Name

Wee-Lamb has a proper name now.

We have named her “Mississippi”, or “Missy” for short.

There is a reason for this.

In our house, whenever BeAnne and Monster meet BeAnne sniffs Monster and if she goes over Monster’s official two Mississippi limit, he thumps her (claws in but a thump none the less!)  We are perpetually telling BeAnne “just two Mississippi’s” because she forgets and then of course wallop!

Little Missy is the same.   She is nosey and curious often out-staying her welcome which results in said animal telling her.  Some are nicer than others.  The ducks waddle off, ‘Lambie rolls her.  She doesn’t seem to mind and goes bouncing back.

Her enthusiasm for everyone is going to get her into trouble.

Hence her name – Mississippi or Missy for short.

Anyway, I managed to photograph her wonderful bouncy-leapy-boing-boing-boing run, that little lambs do. It makes my heart melt.

It is incredibly cute and funny to watch.

So, please, ladles and jellyspoons, let me to introduce you to Mississippi!

Her days may be numbered because she has a death wish when it comes to going through fences to meet the neighbours.

4 thoughts on “Her Name

  1. Linda

    Perfect name for Lambie, and I love the reasoning behind her full name of Mississippi…
    Welcome to the world, MISSY!!

    And just sayin’ – is there anything cuter than a lamb “bouncy-leapy-boing-boing-boing running”?

  2. diane in northern wis

    Little Missy is soooooo cute. Those first pics of her sitting on the ground with her pink ears sticking up are phenomenal. And then all the bouncey pictures….my heart!!!!!!! What a little doll. Hopefully she will learn to behave herself with the other animals and stay away from the fences. She certainly is a sweet addition to your place though! How is she getting along with her sister?

  3. Carina

    Oh so adorable! What an exqusit bundle of joy! Truly mesmirizing. How are you going to get anything else done? I dont know much about lambs but dont they need other lambs to play with? Or is that not how its done?


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