Her Kingdom

The Minions were in the furthest field away today.  Vitamin was standing on a bank of the burn (stream) enjoying the sun on her back even though it was a brisk northerly wind. She was surveying her little kingdom.  Vitamin is still boss mare.

Floss and I talked to everyone, and were nibbled by some!

There is always a nibbler.

And one who pulls a silly face for the camera.

And that, of course, would be Storm – he is multi-tasking.

Fivla was looking *** cough *** robust!

Albie, as ever, was close by.

Sóley is nearly as big as Lilja now.  Shocking. This time last year she was a little foaly.

They are the best of friends.  Sóley has grown up in her head, as well as physically, these past few months.  Lilja is a good influence.

Waffle is busy maintaining his summer beach body.  It is 24/7 all this eating.

And dearest Silver didn’t look at all like Silver. An odd expression for him.

It was a lovely morning, if cold (that ruddy north wind) and raining now – too dreary.  But the grass will grow and they will all get fatter and fatter and fatter…….

2 thoughts on “Her Kingdom

  1. Margaret Robinson

    It must be a tad cold with the wind, but no one seems to mind as long as there’s food to eat! All looking lovely.


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