Happy Holidays

I went to visit Newt and Tiddles in their “hotel” where they are keeping another little Shetland pony, Festus, company for a few weeks.

(Meet the extremely beautiful Festus)

Newt rushed up (ears flat back which he probably learned from Albie) to come and see me, followed by Tiddles. I was most surprised.  Usually I am just known as “the one with carrots” and I hadn’t brought anything but they wanted cuddles and kisses despite my lack of calories.

For once, my little boys were genuinely pleased to see me.  Awwww.  (*** sniff ***).

At this hotel, everyone is brushed every day as well as being given breakfast.

This, I think, is rather a shock to their systems (the brushing, and possibly the breakfast) but still they look very beautiful and their holiday is suiting them.

I am now wondering whether I could just swap two Minions into the field every day so they all get brushed and cleaned up without me making any effort!

Sadly, Newt and Tiddles were not being very nice to wee Festus while in my company.  They let the side down and I told them to pack it in.  I was quite suprised at this behaviour and, when I offered to remove the bully (today it was Tiddles – I watched him. Disappointed much), I was told that they were all fine and took it in turns to Rule the World.

Today, it was obviously Tiddles’ turn with the crown.

Tomorrow it will be Newt and he will bring his “leetle book” to write names down in.

Anyway, it was lovely to see my boys while sort of funny to see them in a different field from where I usually see them.


Newt and Tiddles had better not get used to this way of life. I am not brushing every day!

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Sam

    Sounds like Newt and Tiddles’ re-entry to home life will be a rough one. All that spoiling of brushing and breakfast. Makes one wonder how many pages in Newt’s Book of Revenge is being reserved for this upcoming reunion at home….


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