He Giveth While He Taketh Away

There was a tragedy last night.  One of the ducklings managed to get out (through the crack under the door, I can only surmise) and was found dead.  My heart broke. We were all doing so well on this duckling front.  Mother-Ducky was beside herself and blamed me totally.  She was right and I instantly blocked the door hoping it never happens again. It was such a small gap in the door too.  Why? How?

And then this morning, I found Penthesilea’s nest had been raided – minus three eggs.  Possibly hedgehogs, I wonder.  I found the shells almost intact nearby but the contents had been eaten out.  Penthesilea was in a state too and furious so I tipped her nestbox over making it harder to get into, added the last of the our duck eggs (no one is laying now), and made some steps for her to get in and out.

I left Penthesilea looking suspiciously at the new set-up and found her a few hours later happily settled again.  Fingers crossed for Penty.

And then this afternoon I was in my shed making my Sheeple (the adult brown one on the end today to go with the lamb), while someone else was busy arriving.

Black-Ducky finally had her duckling.

And she was very protective and attacked my phone, giving me a hard whack with her beak.

So OH and moved them into a small pen, which was instantly too small (dammit), so we quickly made the ponies’ shed into a duck-house for them and moved them there.  Here’s hoping they are ok.  My life is very fraught at the moment.

7 thoughts on “He Giveth While He Taketh Away

  1. Sam

    I ma sorry you lost the ducking and eggs. Sounds like all the Mamas need a nap. Or a good stiff drink.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Nature is so cruel sometimes. So sorry for the lost lives. I hope the others reach adulthood.

  3. Suzanne Kelly

    On the other side, think of how many little ducky is you who saved this season and all the seasons before. Where would they have been without you??

    On the sheeple are absolutely adorable. I still would like one that looks like Lambie if that were all possible to do, my little sheeple and the cras you made me are doing very well.

    Have a lovely weekend

  4. diane in northern wis

    Oh my goodness, Frances….do hang in there….what a lot to go thru and yet you will triumph in the end. Keep doing your best for all the little critters…sometimes sad things happen…but just keep doing the best you can. It will all work out.

  5. Sharon

    Poor Mother Ducky and Penthesilea! I’m so glad that Penthesilea is sitting again; I have my fingers crossed for her. How wonderful that Black-Ducky has a duckling! I expect she will be a good mum for her lone baby. Sorry about you getting whacked while getting pictures.

    Thank you for all the pictures! I mean for ALL the pictures. I love seeing all the flowers, including your sinks. Love the ponies and horses too. Monster is a fave because I’m a ‘cat lady’, but I love the pix of the dogs too.

  6. Kris

    Who says being a grandma is any easier than being a mom?
    Your worries are merely multiplied.
    But, as usual, you cope in style. 🙂


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