Bibble Update

As I mentioned before, Iacs (aka Bibble) is not well.

He has penile papilloma (which is not actually cancer, but can turn into it) and he also presented with a huge and getting larger lump under his neck – where it meets the jaw – which had us all terrified that it was metastatic.

Over the past few weeks, various biopsies and bloods have been taken and sent south for analysis and Bibble has been perfect through every ordeal.

Today the vet came (for the fourth time in as many weeks) to try a new combination of intravenous sedation drugs to get Bibble to “let down”, ie drop his sheath.

I swear Bibble read the drugsheet because every time we wanted to get a good look, he did everything in his power not to let us see, let alone anything else.  The vet described him as a medical anomaly.

The vet also came armed with some results and the neck lump is a haematoma and not related in any way to the other end, which was a huge sigh of relief.

The penile papilloma are spreading (there are more than one) which may or may not respond to drug therapy (our 1st route to take – we are waiting on more lab results) rather than the more drastic decision of amputation (last resort).  He would have to go south for surgery.

Our vets are in consultation with vets south and an expert in the field too for a course of treatment for Bibble.

To say Daisy and I are worried, doesn’t even touch these past few weeks.

Anywho, Bibble came out of his sedation and I left him for a while to sleep it off.  Now he’s back out with his friends.

On a good note, though, Bibble is totally asymptomatic, which is immensely cheering.  We can’t cure this but we can try and keep everything comfortable.



7 thoughts on “Bibble Update

  1. Sam

    I am sorry to hear this news. But it seems you have a wonderful vet who will try anything. Little Miss Maine Coon is also dealing with cancer, just pallative as she is 16 now. Hugs from me and purrs from her.

  2. darby callahan

    here is hoping that the right treatment can be found and that Bibble will remain comfortable and happy for many more years to come.


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