Put to Work

Flossie came home last night and is staying for just over a week, which is lovely, so today I put her to work.  She is on holiday, having been working very hard.

We cleaned and moved water barrels, with help obviously.

We brushed Haakon (Iacs and Kolka were brushed a few days ago whilst waiting for the vet), and then there were only Vitamin and Fivla left on my list.

Fivla was pleased to see her beloved owner.

And Pepper was around too, chatting.

And then, having sorted out all the horses and ponies, we made a small duck-run for Mummy-Duck and her three remaining ducklings.

They were very pleased to be let outside and it was quite the struggle making it tight and secure from ducklings trying to leave and small dogs trying to get in.  They will be shut in tightly at night, though.

I can watch the family from my desk window, which is perfect and I can do regular head-counts too.  Poor Floss is exhausted now, having poo-picked the Minion field all afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Put to Work

  1. Judith

    What kind young women your daughters are! I’m glad you’re getting help from Flossie and Pepper. Funnily enough my grandmother’s name was Florence and my eldest sister was (Margaret) Fleur; she was a painter who signed her pictures with a daisy – as in a marguerite.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Welcome home Floss! Hope your mom gives you a few breaks from the hard work while you’re home. I know she’s so glad to see you!


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