He Always Knows

My back, as I continually whinge on, is deteriorating fast now.  Hospital on Wednesday for my steroid epidural injections cannot come soon enough.

In my head I had vowed to stop riding but in my heart I just wanted one more plod out.  I told Daisy of my plan and she said she would accompany me on Kappi, kindly caught Haakon for me and we tacked up to go out for a walk.  Nothing faster.

Usually when I tell Haakon we are going on a slow ride, he ignores me and takes me for a belter no matter what.

Daisy was happy for Kappi to plod. He has worked hard recently and enjoys a no-pressure ride.


Long, low and relaxed is encouraged.

So Haakon walked.  Ok, it was his fast strong power-walk but he never broke into any other gait, even when Daisy/Kappi went for a canter up the hill.

What did Haakon do?  He took me to the other side of the road and stopped and waited for Kappi/Daisy to return.  What did I do?  I cried.  Haakon knows I am not feeling well – my legs are weak and my back is clicking and odd.  He cares about me and I could really see that.

If you have met Haakon or have ever been on a ride with us, you would know Haakon never just stops.

So we looked at the nice view.

And then we went on a bit further.

I don’t think I picked up the reins once.

You can keep all the Icelandic horses in the world.  When I ride Haakon, I have everything.

13 thoughts on “He Always Knows

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I feel so sorry for you, Frances. There’s nothing worse than seriously bad pain from which there seems to be no relief. I hope the injections help. You obviously have an absolute gem in Haakon.

  2. Kerry

    Hello Frances,
    Just arrived on Westside for our first ever stay on Shetland. Having been to Iceland and adored their amazing horses, I read about the stud here with interest.
    They are intuitive – I am glad Haakon was a good boy for you and hope the medical procedure gives you some relief

      1. Kerry

        That would be lovely, but only if you’re up to it after Wednesday’s outing – hope that goes well for you,
        We have aleady been invited to have coffee with Rosa at Lea Gardens on Friday morning, so maybe later in the day if that is convenient?
        All the very best

          1. Kerry

            Look forward to meeting you and Haakon, the Minions and all the rest of the crew
            All the best for Wednesday

  3. Vicki

    Back pain just sucks the life out of you. I hope you feel better soon, Frances, and get relief with the injection.

  4. Terri

    Haakon is a dream horse, made especially for you. I’m so sorry you’re hurting, and I hope the injections work. Fingers crossed.

  5. Sam

    That shows the love and trust you and your animals have for each other. So very sorry about your back.


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