Su Embroidery

Flossie, my younger daughter, is learning a new skill.

This is Suzhou embroidery (su xiu 苏绣), or Su embroidery for short.  Dating back for over 2000 years, this traditional Chinese silk embroidery is “famous for its beautiful patterns, elegant colours, variety of stitches, and consummate craftsmanship. Its stitching is meticulously skillful, coloration subtle and refined.” (Wikipedia)

For more information and history about this exceptional embroidery type, look here.  Su embroidery is breathtaking and the creations are stunning.

Anywho, Flossie has taught herself to do this.  She bought herself a book (The Art of Chinese Embroidery: Foundation Level by Margaret Lee), read it and found what she wanted to achieve.  Then she bought the silk thread, linen, silk and borrowed a traditional slate frame plus stand.

We now have our own stand and OH looked at the slate frame design and has made her a bigger version for her next embroidery piece.

Floss started by doing a test piece using cheaper linen and working out the stitches required.  She has very kindly given me this piece plus I have first dibs on everything she makes.  A mother’s perogative, I think.

And now she is working on the real thing on the fine silk background.

So that’s what Flossie does when she is not going to interviews, keeping up her Chinese (Mandarin), revising, doing tests, feeding and riding the horses.

I am full of admiration.

(so proud *** sniff ***)


13 thoughts on “Su Embroidery

  1. Kerry

    Wow! She’s obviously got your family’s artistic genes.
    And the colours look so subtle.
    You’re also right to exercise a mother’s prerogative

  2. Linda Loba

    BEAUTIFUL embroidery!

    Frances, the cold weather isn’t just your fault; I washed my Winter coat and, along with my sweaters, put everything away. Of course the temperature dropped…(can you hear Mother Nature laughing?)

  3. diane in northern wis

    How awesome this embroidery is! Good for you Floss!
    Frances, my two beautiful sheep arrived in the mail today and I love them. I had them sitting on the counter in the kitchen and my husband came by and picked them up and said….oh…these are really cute. Then I told him where they came from and he liked them even more! So thanks so much Frances. They are really cool!

  4. Sheila Peterson

    The embroidery is stunning! Well done, Flossie. I think it is beautiful. It is a credit to you to be self taught. Well done!

  5. Deborah Plummer Twomey

    This stitchery is magnificent ! Flossie, in my arthritic state my sewing is suffering. please continue, Flossie and put your works on your Mum’s site to sell. i would LOVE a piece !!


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