Happy Muzzah’s Day

To all the Muzzahs of woolly, fur, feathered children who love you more than words.

(even if they don’t always appear as grateful as they should be…..)

🐶 🐑 ❤️ Happy Muzzah’s Day to you! ❤️ 🐑 🐶

And always rescue.  Never say never.  Just whatever it takes.

6 thoughts on “Happy Muzzah’s Day

  1. diane in northern wis

    Is it Mother’s Day where you live? Well then, Happy Mother’s Day to you. I hope you are being greatly appreciated by all your lovely critters today! Right now we’re still in the winter dregs here so we won’t have Mother’s Day until mid May when things are more springy! Do enjoy your day!
    Did the fam make you a special cake or pie or anything you like??? 🙂

    1. Frances Post author

      a bottle of gin (japanese – wonderful), lemons and tonic. They know me well. And hand-drawn cards. All perfect.


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