Happy Birthday, Pepper

Today is Pepper’s 2nd birthday, so happy birthday, little Pepper-pot.  You’ve changed our lives for the better and we’ve made new friends, mostly from having her brought home by complete strangers!

And here are a few photos from today’s dogwalk with Ted, whose doing great as well.  He does not get brought home by strangers because he is a good dog and doesn’t stray (famous last words).


A keen hunter.


And this was from when Daisy and I went south to meet Pepper and her sister, Lexi, to bring them home to Shetland in the autumn.  She was such a sweet sossage then.  Full of mischief.  You can see it already.

Lexi – 2 years old today too, obviously. Happy birthday, too. xx. She’s a darling and much loved by her owner.

Photo ©Ryan Griffiths 2023

And possibly my most favourite photo ever! ❤️ 🐕 🐑


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Pepper

  1. Nicki

    Happy Birthday Pepper pot what an amazing adventure your having. Here’s to making more friends xx

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    As ever, wonderful photos and that photo of pepper with lami is just too adorable. It might be my favourite photo too

    It looks like you are having a halcyon summer. I certainly hope so.

    1. Frances Post author

      No. Two Patterdale bitches can result in a fight you can’t unlock. They hang on for grim death.


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