Smug Grin Here

I received this envelope in the post today.  I felt rather affronted. I hadn’t realised I needed cheering up.


Especially when I have my boy waiting for me and life is good.  Have I been a miserable cow in my blog recently? (purely rhetorical, please do not reply)


So, we let Haakon and Iacs eat the grass around the house, while we shovelled in a quick lunch.  Stupidly, I left the front door open and there was a rattle on the nib of the handle.  Haakon has always done this as he believes the biscuit tin or a carrot will magically “apparate” in front of him.


Then Iacs arrived and had a hopeful thought too.  Bless him, you can almost see that lightbulb light up!


I was about to say go away, when I looked down and there was his owner encouraging him.


They are as bad as each other.


So I am not sure why I should cheer up when I have happiness on my doorstep.


And my youngest has just got in to her chosen university.  Yay!

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 17.26.57

Now do you go up to Oxford from Shetland or would that be down?  

4 thoughts on “Smug Grin Here

  1. Cate

    Love the turquoise, yellow, and magenta in the “happiness on my doorstep” shot. And congrats to your youngest! 🙂

  2. Linda Penney

    wonderful and congrats to your youngest that’s going to Oxford and she will be coming down to Oxford lovely post Frances I pray that after your surgery you will soon be well enough to be back upon your lovely horses


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