Half Way

Well, we’ve reached half way and I am currently lying on my hotel bed somewhere in Cumbria having a well-earned cup of tea while munching the complementary shortbread.

En route, we stopped off at the mighty Temple of Tesco in Dundee.

It was so huge that I kept a good eye on Floss in case I never saw her again. We did not split up to shop. That would’ve been a very bad idea.

Things I notice south. No one is happy. Folk are surly.  Lorries drive way too fast. We had one argument. I feel I made my point, though. Also, Tesco’s may be huge but their aubergines are crap!  Not like the ones I have happily pack on a Thursday for Transition Turriefield.


Also, while I am ranting, Lake District “Farm Shops” should not sell Charbonnel and Walker chocolates (possibly the most poshest London chocolate ever) but local produce. It’s like a branch of John Lewis here.

Still, the view is nice and, apart from the headache (thank you Mr far-too-close Lorry Driver), I hope we will get a good night’s sleep and be ready for Round 2 of our car journey to Bristol.

A wee film of Her Maj (sent by Daisy)

They do have very fast broadband here in Englandshire.


2 thoughts on “Half Way

  1. Sam

    Going from a quiet place to a more urban setting has to been draining. Then to have cranky shoppers all around and lunatic drivers on top? Makes one want to put BeAnne’s film on loop for hours.

  2. Christine

    Safe travels! Thank you for taking us on your journey. Considering how things are going in the US, arm chair traveling is all I’m doing right now.


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