Shetland Pony Sales 2023

Up at at the crack of sparrows this morning.

I had to squeeze my usual morning routine into an hour and half.  I gave everyone enough food until lunch, although I know they ate it all immediately and then wanted more.  Tough. Things to see, people to do!

Driving the horsevan, I went to Lerwick to the Marts for the annual Shetland pony sales.

I tried so hard not to be tempted but there were some sweeties there.

Absolute sweeties.

Having seen the ponies I was supposed to look at and give an opinion on, I went “front of house” to sit in the centre of things. The bidding had already started.

Each breeder was asked to lead their ponies around the ring a few times and then to stand them up in the centre.

The bidding is live as well as onilne and you can see the camera in the corner.  There was good online interest and folk commented on the high quality of pony being presented for sale.

I can’t really comment on the prices realised because I have no idea what the market is like these days.

My friend, who I had come to give moral support, bought the pony she wanted – a gorgeous standard isles-bred black filly.

I am thrilled for her and there is something nice about not coming home with another but having all the fun and thrills of helping with the purchase.

I think OH was relieved too.  By the way, I only took the horsevan because I needed more hay!  I hope I didn’t scare you.

3 thoughts on “Shetland Pony Sales 2023

  1. Sam

    Very brave and strong of you to help a friend and not bring home another Minion. Not sure I would have the fortitude to do that.

  2. darby callahan

    I was not sure sure where this was going, with the horse van along. . It reminds me of how I go to the Chincoteague pony auction each summer. I do pick my favorites and have been known to offer an early bid knowing full well that the prices will climb much higher. The family did purchase our Riddle years ago and I think one pony is enough for us. Happy your friend got her pick.


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