Gratuitous Photos

Just because I can, Lambie had his first photoshoot today.


Spring is here and tomorrow is a day of shite so I wanted to make the most of what colour there is in the garden before it is all blown away or drowned.


Lambie was very professional, a natural, of course.

L1150357 L1150355 L1150353

I think I might be doing this a few more times.  Well, you know me!


In the outside world, there are foals everywhere.  I am very jealous and still nip down looking for any opportunity to talk to them and take photos.


I had a long chat with this little lady, Vida Rose.  She is enchanting….


and very smart ….


and we luffs each other.


If I didn’t have all my boys and Minions, she might go missing in the middle of the night – just sayin’. I suspect I will be fighting Daisy off her too when she comes home.


This time of year everyone (including me) looks scruffy.  This is because it can get very cold and it would be wrong to strip the winter coat from a pony that lives outside.  We had a nasty monsoon-style downpour of rain this afternoon.


Anyway, the grass is growing and everyone looks exhausted from lambing and foaling.  The National Sport in Shetland, this time of year.


7 thoughts on “Gratuitous Photos

  1. Linda

    Oh good grief, so much CUTENESS! Look at that beautiful lamb – and again, your love and attention has triumphed.

    P.S. Love that little tuft on the top of the foal’s head…

  2. Terri

    Ohhh, Lambie is so darling! (and looks so clean and sweet-smelling — in contrast to Day 1 of his life) The foals are adorable! (take note, some of these photos are 2015-Advent-Calendar-worthy)

  3. Karen

    Such cuteness!! And oh my goodness…the EYELASHES on that foal. Will she stay that colour or change when she gets her adult coat? Her foal fur coat colour is divine.

  4. Sam

    I second having these on the Advent Calendar. Or maybe as cards????
    Thanks for these lovely spring photos.


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