Resentment, Jealousy and Maybe a Foal

The lovely Hetja yesterday.  She is pregnant and could be due in June, though I am still sucking my teeth and wondering whether it might not be July.  She just doesn’t look like a mare who will be giving birth next month.


It will be her first foal so I might be very wrong.


Hetja is our only mare who will foal this year and I can’t wait to meet her baby.


I know one horse who is going to miss her desperately when she is away for her maternity confinement and that is Esja.  She adores Hetja.  When they travelled together from Iceland, Hetja took on the role of her mother.


I am not sure how we will manage to split them up, to be honest.  Esja has been known to jump over fences to get to Hetja.


Esja is a very determined girl and I don’t think it would be a good idea for her to be with Hetja when she foaled.


She could be very jealous of Hetja’s new foal.


Hopefully we can take Esja’s mind off losing her best friend by starting her training.


She is ready now and it will be interesting to see how she progresses.


While I was in Sandness taking photos of the girls, there was a flock of shalders (oystercatchers) arguing between themselves.


BeAnne is not a huge fan of the field with Esja and Hetja as she tends to be chased so she opted to stay outwith (and sulk, and refuse to get back into the car).  Yes, that is BeAnne, the dot by the brown painted fence in the far distance.  Can you feel the waves of resentment eminating?


BeAnne gives a good resent – she has had much practice!

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