Grandmother’s Footsteps

I went out this morning, armed with my big camera, determined to take better photos of the my sheep.  Yesterday’s effort was pathetic.

But it’s not easy and I feel I should share this artistic pain. I am always being followed.

I try and stand at the right distance away and then take as many photos as I can before anyone spots that I am not next to them.




Madge and her sticks!

She has truly mellowed.  Kind eyes now.


All filled out and looking good.

With this photo-taking-thing, it’s a bit like grandmother’s footsteps because when I say something, everyone denies all knowledge that they are following me.

But I know…… (when I looked back!)

Is this love or is this the lure of the ginger-biscuit. Who knows!

8 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Footsteps

  1. Sam

    Love of the Muzzah who lures with the ginger biccie = sneaky ninja sheep tromping after her. Okay maybe not “sneaky” but what a difference in the girls. Even if Madge comes armed with prickers.

  2. Dee Savage

    I truly love your photos and comments about them. Bring me chuckles a lot. Luv your sense of humor. Amazing animals. Don’t know much about them as I was raised in a city. But some have horns/antlers (correct terminology?), their ears are different, coats different, markings on face different. Would love an explanation on all the differences, their breeds, etc. This would be a great teaching opportunity for you. Also amazed that you have back problems, then the next day you are back at it, lifting heavy things and doing hard work. Would love to know more about Daisy. And where you were born (Shetlands or different place) and how/why you are doing what you are doing, You obviously have inherited you mom’s artistic and how often u get to visit her. Only one daughter? I really want to learn all about this, and what living in the Shetlands is like. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful, healthy, outdoors lifestyle.

    1. Frances Post author

      Sheep breeds. I am not your expert. Sorry.
      Back problem – three lots of spinal surgery and now chronic back pain but Painpod helps hugely to keep me upright and I strongly believe in rest afterwards. I use an acupressure mat before I sleep and take wonderful turmeric capsules.
      Born: London.
      Sister: One, older.
      Daisy: oldest daughter. Currently home, currently teaching riding and training horses.
      Flossie: youngest daughter. University doing Masters degree in Chinese to English translation.
      Why do I live in Shetland? Came here on holiday. Plane landed and I knew I must live here.

      1. dee savage

        Thanks so much, Frances,
        So sorry about the back. I have back issues but no surgery yet. Am afraid surgery will make it worse. Are painpods electric units with electrodes you stick on backs like TENS units sold in US?
        Accupressure mat? Don’t know this.
        Turmeric – what strength/how often? It is for inflammation…is that why it helps back pain? Any help/clarification is appreciated.
        The Shetlands wove their magic spell and you were caught. Don’t blame you. Such a wonderful place. Thank you for sharing this womderful place, and your wonderful life with us. A huge treat for the eyes and soul.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Well, you certainly have a cute group following you around Frances! They all look healthy and well. And well-fed too. Must be those ginger biccies!


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