Gone Forever

I will be honest, I am not feeling the love for much today.

Despite exhaustive (and expensive) efforts, I never found the lost photo.  I doubt I ever will. I just have to let it go or go mad in the process.

Today we are “between weathers”. There was a filthy gale last night and another one is looming.  Much rain tonight and then the wind arrives tomorrow morning.

I took these photos a few days back when the sun was shining – hence the bright orange light thing in the sky rarely seen at the moment.

When I check on the Minions I like to get them to move into their other adjoining field so they remember they have it.

There is more grass but takes a bit of effort to get there.

The Minions tend to come when they are called in the hope we have a calorific reward with us.

Newt struggled with the mud. As he is the smallest, for him it is the hardest work.

But the carrots made it worth all the effort.

We always have a daily Roll Call:-








And Newt.  Never forget Newt.

After distributing the carrots very fairly (so important), Flossie played “The Silver”.  A new silent musical instrument which involves nose tickling.  It was very sweet to watch.   They both enjoyed themselves.

When Norman Thelwell wrote his wonderful books all those years ago, I am sure this is what he meant when he said “A leg at each corner”.

When I see just how fat the Minions are, I refuse to worry about them.

8 thoughts on “Gone Forever

  1. Linda Loba

    I am SO enjoying the photos of everyone – and yes, poor Newt and the nasty mud – Mother Nature is so unfair sometimes!

    P.S. I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw this latest blog title – I hadn’t yet seen there was a search on for a PHOTO, and expected something much, much worse…

  2. Louise

    I know it’s hard to let go of something when it’s a focal point as an object of concentration but please remember that you’ve got lots and lots of great photographs and the skill that took them. Bet you take an even better photo sometime in the future.

    And yes that lack of light is hard, isn’ t it? Speaking as someone who’s worked vampire hours for years (sleep during the day, work at night).

  3. Terri

    WHEW, from the post title, I feared that Thordale had lost yet another resident this year. This may sound harsh, but It’s only a photo — albeit a very, very fine one. It epitomizes the affection between Shetland ponies/equines. Your blog has educated me about herd dynamics, something I had never really understood or appreciated till a couple years ago. Don’t beat yourself up — you are a wonderful photographer and story-teller! (In future, backup, backup, backup. Don’t ask me how I know this.)

  4. Sam

    So sorry the photo has fled. But what wonderful photos of the Minions and Ladies. Poor Newt – I bet there is a long and detailed chapter on Mud in his Big Book of Revenge. And such a lovely new musical instrument, The Silver.

  5. May

    You mentioned a Facebook banner photo. Did you upload the photo to FB? If so, they might have it on their server. Could try you account first and then, if not there, ask FB Support if they could help track down the photo. Also, if you published it anywhere on the web, try the Wayback Machine website; It might have a copy.

    So glad the headline was for photos, not peoples.


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