Golden Paste

I have a big bag of turmeric so I made some “Golden Paste” this morning for Haakon and Iacs, who are living together having been beaten up by Taktur who thought he smelled a girl, once (I am still cross with him).  The weather is harsh (wind and fierce rain) at the moment and I think they could do with some help.

Here is the recipe I used – Golden Paste recipe by Doug English, vet

It was still pouring with rain but I geared up into my waterproofs, mixed the gloop into a handful of hard feed and healthy hoof supplement and went down the hill to give it to the old men.

Haakon decided he didn’t want his food. There is a certain random element as to doseage so I wondered if his tasted stronger.  Anyway, Iacs’ food was fine and they both shared happily.

One lovely turmeric moustache from Haakon.

And one from Iacs, who tried to spread it all over me as well.

Then they both decided to eat from Haakon’s bowl too.

I love that these two old men, who have known each other all their lives (they are cousins.  Can you tell?), can share so nicely without a cross word.  It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.  A bit like the Golden Paste really.

5 thoughts on “Golden Paste

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    What a lovely and amusing post! Doncha just love GP mustaches – and clothes permanently dyed by their generous sharing of the leftovers with you! By the way, the best piece of clothing i owned for getting GP stains out of was a cheesecloth shirt – though the weather is a wee bit inappropriate for such garments right now?

    So glad the elderly gents are doing well!

  2. Sam

    Nice to see two gents enjoying each other and not being a pest to others. And their golden noses are delightful.

    1. Frances Post author

      They are very sweet together. No malice, no arguing, just old blokes getting on very well together.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Aww, bless their hearts. I hope they’ll be doing much better soon. I’m sure they will, with you looking over them and caring so much about them! Bless your beautiful heart, Frances!


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