Still Going

I spent last night looking at another iv drip.  The vet came at midnight to site it as the mare was going downhill before our eyes.

We all agreed on the insulin route.  Not one particularly used in the UK but we decided there was nothing to lose now.


Left with an intravenous drip of Hartmann’s solution and some instructions on when to test her blood glucose, I spent the night as a nurse, making observations, taking blood samples and generally writing everything down to tell the vet at 07:30.


I had a bed but it was taken.  It was a long night for us all.


The mare made it through the night and I left to get some sleep in the morning with the promise that the vet would visit later and we would re-group and work out our next plan of attack.

I left my daughter, Daisy, with the mare and the owner.

This afternoon, I woke up after 4 hours sleep, did my chores (fed horses, quickly kissed noseys, changed foot dressing) and returned to the mare.

The drip had been re-sited again.  She was beginning to eat and we were told to really try and get food down her, whatever means.  Her temperature was down to normal, her heart rate too but now her front legs and chest had slight pitting oedema from her decreased liver function.


The nursing staff had increased.


And so I spent the afternoon/evening shoving Polos down (she likes them), apple and a carrot/porridge mixture.


The mare looks slightly better.  She is still reluctant to chew or swallow but there is more opinion in her objection.  The Polos make a very satisfactory crunch and I hope that any peppermint oil in them (if any) will help her tummy.  She can spit a piece of apple at me with surprising accuracy too!

10 thoughts on “Still Going

  1. Terri

    Poor sick lass! Thank you (and the others) for your heroic efforts — you are doing everything possible, and then some (such as foregoing sleep). If our good thoughts and healing vibes could cure her, she’d be frolicking in a field by now! Blessings…and hang in there.

  2. Deb Twomey

    Make sure that you are taking time for you. Although that bed looks nice, it will play havoc on your back and you know it. And…what is a polo? I am learning a complete different language from you.

  3. Mandy

    Deb, a Polo is a mint sweet with a hole in the middle, beloved by most equines! I’m sure google will show you!
    Frances, put a plank under that matress, for heaven’s sake! You’re doing an amazing job. Everything’s crossed for this mare.

  4. Sam

    Keeping this mare in my thoughts but I agree that you need to watch out for your back!
    Did love your “bed warmer” dog. Good to know this little lady still has some spunk.


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