Girls in the hill

We put the ladies into the hill park the other day when we were sorting everyone out.  I love the hill park.  It is huuuuuuge and the herd can roam about happily in a huge group, like wild ponies do.  There is not an immense abundance of grass, which is good this time of year and they have to hunt for it amongst the heather.

The perfect environment for Shetland ponies in the summer.


As usual, the welcoming committee were waiting for us.


While Daisy was being Zooted, I wandered amongst the girls taking photos.  Zoot and her three chums (Lyra, Gwendolinda and Carina) will come back to Thordale soon for ring-craft training and then we can attack Zoot’s fur to make her beautiful.


It was a lovely sunny, if breezy, day in Shetland today.  I don’t think there is much better than sitting on the bouncy heather being surrounded by beautiful animals.


These are some of my photos from today.

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In there is a Daisy apparently.  It is hard to tell where Daisy ends and the girls begin!



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