Getting there

I will just briefly touch base here.  I am still alive, we are getting there and nearly at the end.  Suffice it to say we are on our third skip!

9 thoughts on “Getting there

  1. Lucy

    Oh wow Frances, it puts into perspective the task of clearing my parents’ house, though I did have 2.5 yrs between my mother dying and my father dying to do at least some of it in small batches whenever I was there. If my brother had not done much of it with his van and trailer I think we would have filled about the same.

    I hope you have got help and you will get home soon to all your loved ones

  2. Louise Stopford

    I can understand what a difficult and sad time this must be for you. My mother in law passed away nearly two years ago now and myself and my husband had to clear out her home. He said it was the hardest and saddest thing he has ever had to do. Think of your lovely home and your wonderful family, both human and animals, all waiting for you and the lovely times you will have with them all again, out riding and nose kissing and just relishing your wonderful Shetland life. Hope all goes well and you can make a speedy journey homewards. Very best regards and wishes to you.

  3. Sam

    Been there many times (various relatives). Your halo is glowing. Hope you can head home soon and have a stiff drink.

  4. May

    Sorry that you have that hard task, Frances. It’s not just the physical work, it’s the emotional work. I hope you’re able to pace yourself and allow a bit of pampering to get through this.

    People (human and otherwise) we love are worth the effort, but, no doubt, some days are much harder than others.

    I hope you’re back home soon, with your feet up, and a lap full of puppy.

  5. Judi

    Been thinking of you with crossed fingers. Good to know that you finally made it south and “getting there”. Awesome job you’ve done Frances – so many tough decisions. (Has there been a moment to check on the little foxes?)

  6. marlane

    My husband and I just got home after sorting and clearing his mothers house. She passed last Sunday at the age of 104 !! It took us five days. We are exhausted and I thought my back was going to give out at the end of every day. We left many things in the garage on tables and a lot of the furniture for an estate sale in a few weeks. I staged the whole house myself and took the photos for it to be sold asap. Your mothers house looks really nice !!

  7. Elva

    I have missed you (and Monster!). Take good care of yourself and get some rest if possible. Eat chocolate. Lots of it.

  8. Christine

    It makes you realize that many possessions are just things and what makes a home are the people who live there – and their things, for the most part, are not your things. Save what is meaningful and remember what your mother’s place was like when it was her lively, artful, cluttered home.


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