Get yer coat, you’ve pulled!

So, how is everyone else, I hear you ask?  Of course, I have not wittered on recently about Loki, Jack, BeAnne and Wussums.

Well, Loki is fantastic.  From the dog that I seriously wondered whether I had made a grave mistake about, he has turned into a darling and definitely part of the family.  Someone flipped the switch in his head that turned him into one of us which is wonderful.  His recall is almost 100%, he spends his life off a lead including all walks, even the ones on the beach where the bunnies are everywhere in the dunes.  He is the ideal farm dog and travels quietly and well in the car.

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Loki wants to join in with everything.  Watching Bjørn riding Taktur was interesting to watch because Loki just went along too.  I think I might try and take him out when I ride out come Summer.  He might like it, especially the galloping at great speed bit.


BeAnne is turning into a rather fat little madame.  She is bored of walks, sits down on strike or  just turns round and goes home the minute she can.  Come the Spring, she can go out with me and Haakon and shift some of that extra winter layer.  She is almost playing with Loki now too, which is encouraging.  Still fluffy though and still my darling, though she had a major sense of humour failure when I came home after my week away, only to stay one night and then away again to hospital for another two.  She was crowned the Captain of the GB Olympic Sulking Team that day.


Jack, Jack, Jack.  When you think he can’t get any slower, he does.  His dog walks are a trial to us all.  He is reluctant and unhelpful at the beginning, threatening and arguing.  We are trying to keep him mobile because if we don’t we are scared he will seize up and never leave his bed again and that will be that.


The coat does help and keeps him warm.  So smart.  A very dapper boy.  He loves it too.


Amina, Bjørn’s German Shepherd, thought he was gorgeous in it and fancied him something rotten.  It was very sweet to see.  Amina has always though Jack was a bit of alright and follows him around whenever she sees him.  Jack always looks very embarrassed at this unwanted female attention.  I don’t even want to think about the puppies!


And Wussums – My little fat boy.


Wuss still hates Loki and we just let them ignore each other.  This is the easiest method and is a working, if precarious, arrangement.  He goes in and out of the house via the Velux window in the roof of our bedroom or through the cat flap if enemy forces are not on patrol.


Anyway, he sleeps with us and I make the time to go upstairs and talk to him so he doesn’t feel lonely or left out of family life.  I also drop roast chicken into his bowl as I go past.


So that is us.   Bet you wish you hadn’t asked now!

2 thoughts on “Get yer coat, you’ve pulled!

  1. Sam

    Glad for the updates on the other critters you live with. Do like the new Olympic sport of Sulking, Rock on BeAnne! And congrats on Loki. I too adopted a critter (Maine Coon Cat girl) who I wondered if I had made a huge mistake taking. Took 1 1/2yrs, but I totally made the right choice! And Jack’s sweater is dashing.


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