Gently Twitching

Last night I was asked to go over to a friend’s house with my camera(s) in the morning to see if I could photograph a bird that was not meant to be in Shetland.

So I duly popped over with my long lens to sit in the sunshine in their kitchen, being fed homemade cake and coffee – always a chore!

They have a beautiful garden, so the view was perfect and so was the cake.

BN2A7086 BN2A7105BN2A7087

And so we sat and sat, and chatted and sat, and waited for the rare-bird-to-Shetland to arrive.

BN2A7104   BN2A7118   BN2A7126 BN2A7127 BN2A7128  BN2A7138 BN2A7158

Um…… it didn’t.  No rare bird.  It had obviously gone somewhere else.

So I took some photos of a mouse that made an appearance.

BN2A7148 BN2A7153

And went on enjoying the cake and coffee!


I never got to see the bird,  Ho-hum, probably just as well.

(this photo is to prove that Wu goes outside, by the way!)


Anywho, it is not the rare bird that is important – it is the fact that I almost saw one!


Btw, The Minions are fine, in case anyone is missing Shetland pony input!


I will see what I can do tomorrow on that front.

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