My life is now officially chaos.

And I think I have found my family crest!

I also have no nice furniture or furnishings.  All destroyed.

And then I said “Enough, stop!”

And they had a little chat about this.

I said “Pepper, are you being as nice as you know how?”
And she replied “mebbe!” (that is such a Miss Pepper look).

St Monster – sainthood pending.

Ted – looking a bit chewed, but happy.

As I said, my life is chaos.

12 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Jayne

    Happy New Year to all at Thordale, two legs and four. May the coming year bring you health, happiness, love and laughter.

    Although with those two hooligans on the sofa, I reckon the laughter component is already guaranteed 🙂 The photo after you said “Stop!” is priceless. Would it be fair to say Ted seems to be settling in?

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Brilliantly captured, Frances! I think you deserve something good to greet the New Year – champagne or whisky perhaps?

  3. NancyMac

    OMWord! These pictures had me in stitches….and that ‘look of innocence’ just kills me! We get the same from our Border Terrier when he knows we are very cross with him. These fur babies have such characters and bring such joy to our lives don’t they.

    May you all find much joy and good fortune in 2022!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Oh my word, those are quite the pictures you began with. YIKES! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. Louise Whyte

    Wonderful to see Ted to energised and full of himself and he is briliant for Ms Pepper Pesky Pants. Just thnk of how much running you can get them to do to get them both totally knackered…

    Happy New Year

  6. Sam

    While you may think this is chaos, I do believe Pepper and Teddy think life is grand! Someone to wrastle with, to nap with to be loved with. Win all around (except the furniture and Mum’s patience)

  7. Shelley

    Keep that lamp snug in the corner and all will be well – one can always mend upholstery ! Happy New Year to you Frances and. to your happy family.

  8. Emma morton

    My life is a similar level of chaos, with 2 cocker spaniels replacing the terriers. But it comes after the loss of our eldest, shortly before Christmas. The pressure of her old age and illness was taking it’s toll on more than just the human element. So, for now, I welcome the chaos and embrace it as a sign we made the right choice for all involved.

  9. Kate Woolley

    So good to see Teddy looking so happy . Happy Hogmanay to you all And may we all have a peaceful year. From us all here in Gloucestershire.


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