From My Pit

I haven’t left my pit since yesterday. I can’t ever remember feeling this awful whilst being concious.  I drift in and out of sleep and feel so ill when I am awake.

Of course, I have my nurse on duty who wants the duvet far more than she wants to be with me.  On the left, those are my socked feet sticking out because BeAnne always puts up a good fight and there is no budging.  Not never.  I gave up long ago.

Later on in the day, BeAnne decided to sleep with her head down the bed.  Those are feets sticking out.

But she is my constant companion and it is nice that she bothers – in her own little way.

The resemblance is strking to this painting by Paul Doyle called “Spoilt”!

I tried to eat some scrambled eggs but the thought was better than the actual eating.  BeAnee was happy to wash up.

Nausea was yesterday, that has gone but I have no appetite.
Unceasing and unresponsive headache on front of head, side of head and back of neck.
Photophobia – yesterday I couldn’t even turn on an ipad for the glare.
No internal thermostat – yesterday I was cold to my bones.  Today I am either too hot or too cold – there is no middle ground.
I ache all over
Endless bloody coughing.
I sleep a lot.

I can live with everything but the headaches.  They are wearing and horrid.

19 thoughts on “From My Pit

  1. Jan Knight

    Hi Frances, It sounds like a bad migraine coupled with a nasty virus that’s been going round. The only thing I could take were paracetamol regularly and rest , which is what you are already doing.Poor you, You have a fabulous nurse though.

  2. Jane Fuhrmann

    Oh dear Frances. That sounds so nasty and not dissimilar to what I have had. Charlie and I had to be nursed by Bindi who’s only interest is to get on the bed and shout at anyone in the street who dares to be anywhere near her house. I am glad BeAnne gives you the peace and calm you need. Get well soon xxx

  3. Sam

    Well Nurse BeAnne is old school – none of this cuddle and share stuff. Sounds like a nourshing broth and toast are in order. Sending healthy thoughts to you. The Maine Coons also send purrs.

  4. Cathy

    Frances, please take this seriously. You almost certainly have flu, and this year’s variant has some really nasty added extras, including a viral meningitis -like condition. The headache, photophobia and coughing are typical. A friend had hallucinations and completely lost track of day and night.
    Be careful with the Paracetamol, it is easy to get confused and lose track of how much you have taken when you are nursing a raging temperature. Can you take aspirin or ibuprofen to go with it so you get some anti-inflammatory effect?
    Really hope you feel better soon.

  5. Judith Garbutt

    Sounds horrible! BeAnne is doing a good job! I do hope you make a quick recovery and at least get rid of the headaches.

  6. Robyn

    So sorry that you are unwell Frances. I agree with Cathy that you must have the flu. I heard from a Shetland cousin recently that the Aussie flu has reached you up there. I caught it last September and it completlely wiped me out. It was a really bad flu season for us and record numbers of people were ill. Do take care to drink lots of water and chicken broth was all I could manage to eat. Sending lots of love xx

  7. Freda Freestone

    So sorry you are feeling so unwell Frances. It does sound as if you have a nasty dose of flu. I know that you are in excellent hands – Oops correction- paws with “Sister BeAnne” in charge. Lol Hopefully after lots of rest and tlc from your little companion you’ll soon be feeling a good bit better. Hugs.

  8. m. Colleen McNamara

    I agree with others that you have the flu. The headaches, fatigue and bone chilling lack of thermoregulation are the signs. We have been hit hard here in the states. This is serious so try to keep hydrated. Even small sips at a time. gatoraide, ginger ale. It is true that chicken soup has a compound called homocysteine that helps fight virus infections. Beanne is a good nurse, keep down and rest with her.
    I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Darby

    so sorry you are sick Frances. it does sound like the flu we are having here in the US. My friends who have had it say they have never felt so awful. so far I have been spared. hoping for a speedy recovery.

  10. Denny144

    We had a Springer spaniel that would give my kids what we called the “doggy butt treatment”. She knew when they were sick and would curl up with her rear end pushed up their back and wouldn’t budge from that spot except to eat or go outside. She was their nurse for 12 years and they tell their own kids about “Nurse Dixie”

  11. May

    I agree with Linda. This flu season has been particularly bad in the States. Please get all of the care that you need and get well soon.

  12. Kris

    If wishes could make you well, you’ll be up and about in no time. Your legions of followers are sending good thoughts to make you stronger and erase your pain.

    We shall not be at ease til we hear you are feeling chipper and on your feet.

  13. Shelley

    Don’t mess about with the flu Frances. Stay down for a good week . Folks here in Boston who have pushed on too early have relapsed. Can you get Theraflu in Shetland? If taken early enough it can shorten the duration.

    I join the Legion of theFaithful who wish you well,


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