24 Hours

So much has happened in these last 24 hours…..

Yesterday evening, I had an inkling that something was up.  Maggie had taken herself away.

So I watched and waited.


Maggie was wandering – her gait was very lateral and her overall shape had suddenly changed.

I read somewhere that sheep won’t eat 24 hours before they give birth – this is not true.

Maggie ate some tea plus a couple of pieces of Kitkat (the dark chocolate version) that I had about my person.

She walked, she dug, she walked.  Sometimes she lay down.

I was surprised to find ‘Bert in Maggie’s field for a while (what a guy) and then he went off to rejoin his friends (probably realised he should go “tout suite”).

After supper, I went back out and waited.  I even texted Daisy to come out and then told her not to bother. Luckily Daisy ignored my last request and arrived.

And we watched (at a good distance) while everything happened.  It was fascinating.  Nature at her finest.

Maggie would have dig, lie down, have a contraction, then stand up and smell the area and lie down again.

As we were keeping a good distance, we could only see what was going on via the long camera lens.  We were looking for movement of the lamb when it was born so we knew it was alive.

The arrival.  Clever Maggie.

Once on the ground, Maggie immediately stood up and started licking her new arrival clean and dry.  She was very thorough and the little lamb had no choice.

Within minutes, Lamb was trying to get up, with varying degrees of success.

Et voilà! 10 minutes later.

Maggie is a wonderful Mum.  She knows what to do.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines we were being watched.  Maggie was safe in her field and no one dared try to go in. She needs peace and quiet.  Taktur also knew something was going on.

The next day – I went out with Maggie’s breakfast.  She loves her food and I want her to get into a good post-baby routine.  She is still very thin. It’s all gone into the lamb in utero these past few weeks.

First contact.

And we are 99% sure Lamb is a he.

He has the cutest little white cap on the top of his head.


Interestingly, Maggie ate his poo. There was nothing left. She wanted no evidence of his existence anywhere.

A friend saw him and said “wow, that’s one good lamb”. I agree.

And he is bold.

I have been in the field three times (I wanted to go more but stopped myself).

Lamb is very brave and confident.  He is learning to bounce too – be still my beating heart.

Maggie is always watching but is good about me being there.  Animal Crackers help.

And his name?  Harry Lamblin.

So welcome to Harry. I am already in love.



17 thoughts on “24 Hours

  1. darby callahan

    what a wonderful post. Harry the lamb is beautiful. well done momma Molly and to you Frances for the photos.

  2. Sam

    Congrats on Harry Hamlin’s safe arrival!!!! He is quite a handsome lad (don’t tell Lambie I said so).
    Must be a huge relief to have him here and doing so well.

  3. Lucy MacArthur

    Oh my goodness, how heart meltingly sweet and – well – heartmelting!

    Poor Maggie did look in considerable discomfort at one stage but she did a fantastic job with no intervention needed and he (probably) looks just gorgeous.

    Well done all!

  4. Michelle

    That is one strapping big lamb! My biggest ewe had a single ewe lamb this year (my only lamb) and she is MUCH more petite than Harry!

  5. Celeste

    Congratulations Mama on the arrival of a beautiful lamb! I look forward to photos of his growing adventures. Hope his fleece is as lovely as his mum’s. Kit Kat and animal crackers, huh?!? Cheerios work for my herd. This is such great news, wonderful post and as always, terrific photos. Have fun playing with Harry!

  6. Christine

    Such good news. Hello little Harry! Well done, momma Maggie. (And you must be very relieved it all went well.)

  7. barbara

    I checked in a little early today as I’ve been waiting for Maggie news – so happy to hear of the safe delivery. Such a cute boy he is.

  8. diane in northern wis

    Just catching up on the big news! Wow ….great photo’s Frances! I really felt for Maggie at one point in your photos but she came thru with flying colors and a beautiful lamb! Congratulations! Harry Lamblin is a beauty!

  9. Linda

    How did I miss this?! CONGRATULATIONS to Maggie for giving birth to a beautiful baby boy, and CONGRATUATIONS to her human family!


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