For Fivla

Last night, just before I went to bed, I looked out of an upstairs window to see Fivla all by herself. The others had left her relocating on the other side of the track.  In her head, it was miles away and she looked very lonely.  She could either walk through a mire or up a steep hill and she didn’t want to do either.  But being alone is also a miserable place to be.

So I put some outside clothes back on and went to rescue her, urging her round to go round the track to eventually find them.  She went, albeit grudgingly and really struggled with the muddy bit.

I didn’t like that.  The mud is still very deep and unhelpful.  My track hasn’t made it any better either as they have no way round.

So, this afternoon, armed with more fence posts and electric fence wire, I made a sort of lay-by to circumnavigate the mud.

And then, after a bit of a discussion (Fivla went one way, I went the other), I showed her what I had done – she agreed that this was a good thing and thank you very much. I think the new grass was an incentive too.

Quickly followed by Albie, who follows Fivla everywhere – she is his surrogate Mum.

I went to gather the other troops and I know that Newt will also appreciate my efforts. He hates the mud as it is a struggle with litttle short legs.

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