For Everyone who has had a Bad Week!

I dedicate today’s blog to everyone who has had a bad week and/or a bad day.  These noseys will help you find perspective and make you smile.   The little fuzzy moustaches are very squishy, tickley and kissable.

L1070789 L1070790 L1070791 L1070792 L1070795 L1070796 L1070797 L1070798 L1070809  L1070813

If you are feeling fed-up, then what you need is this – to be investigated thoroughly.


Or this – to be sat on with the request that you tickle Storm’s bum!


Today’s blog has a 100% guarantee to put a smile on your face – the best therapy in the world.


11 thoughts on “For Everyone who has had a Bad Week!

  1. Louise

    Our farrier trimmed all the ponies feet today and while he was doing this I kissed all their noses, albeit none quite as fuzzy as the Bebbies. There’s no better therapy in the world as far as I’m concerned x


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